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This destination includes more than 30 explorations to discover the mysteries and particular charm of Easter Island, always accompanied by our local guides. Travelers can go out and explore either hiking or biking; in a van; through the ocean; or combining any of these options.

There’s no inhabited spot in the world quite so isolated as Chilean Polynesia. A mere dot in the vast Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is a one-of-a-kind destination whose very remoteness lends it unmistakable authenticity and an aura of mystery. It’s high time to come and uncover its secrets!

Explore Rapa Nui’s pink-sand beaches, its volcanic cones and windswept grasslands, and of course, the monumental moai statues – over 1,000 of them bearing silent witness to a long-lost, complex society.

Discover the intriguing culture of the rapa nui people during Tapati, a traditional festival held in February in which local teams compete in challenges to test their ability in time-honored Easter Island skills.




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Located 8 km (5 miles) away from Hanga Roa, in a privileged location from where to explore Easter Island, explora Rapa Nui is surrounded by trees, prairies and views to the Pacific Ocean. All our programs include accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, meals and drinks, and a selection of more than 30 exploration routes designed by our outdoor team.


To travel is to spend time, to arrive and to live. Architecture is permanence, freedom and safety. explora actively introduces travelers to the great scenery of South America, through a well prepared exploration program. Our base is a hotel built for linking man to temporary space -present and past- and the mysteries of nature.


Our dishes have been designed to enable guests to perform various explorations and still feel light, agile, and healthy. Our dishes are always accompanied by a superb Chilean wine. We also carry a menu of Premium wines for those that would like to try other alternatives.


Located inside our complex is a pool area, complemented by a jacuzzi and massage area, perfect for recovering from the wear and tear of a long day of exploration.


The Explorer’s Bar is the meeting place of our guides for planning explorations. Stocked with liquor and Chilean wines, the bar is frequently the meeting point of returning groups at nightfall.


Our store carries all the items necessary for taking explorations, along with local artisanal goods and books of the area.

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Our explorations in Easter Island have cultural aspects, are always led by a local and bilingual guide trained at our Guide School, and take place in groups of maximum eight travelers in English or Spanish. They include hikes and bike explorations among archaeological remains, volcanoes, beaches, prairies, and cliffs as well as snorkeling and scuba diving explorations where we explore under the world’s most pristine sea waters.

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Rooms were well done, my son and I enjoyed the meals, the attentiveness of the staff, the open bar, and the planning. Went on many excursions - all covered in the one price as well - hiking, biking, snorkeling, city walks, monument tours, etc. The one thing missing from my perspective: a gym with some weights and machines... (I know... we were active every day, but I like to keep up my program even if I am active in other ways each day)All in all, a great time was had by all. The weather cooperated fully - with sun every day except the last 1/2 day when we wanted a break - and then it rained like crazy!

Explora is an all inclusive resort that provides top notch service, knowledgeable guides and a wonderful architectural setting. There are a number of explorations provided each day from which to choose. The explorations provide options on physical exertion. The dining is excellent with a tasty and varied menu from which to choose.

A dream come true! The best way to experience Easter Island is with Explora Rapa Nui! From the gourmet food, flowing drinks, lovely accommodations and best of all, incredible daily expeditions and knowledgeable guides, it's the most incredible and interesting way to see the sights, explore the island and learn about the culture and history. Highly recommend!!

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