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Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences
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The 60m Aqua Blu is the first ever long-range ocean explorer yacht permanently based in East Indonesia. 15 individually designed suites and refined amenities are accompanied by innovative cuisine designed by consulting chef Benjamin Cross drawing inspiration from Indonesia’s fabled spice trade route. Led by highly experienced crew and guides, guests explore the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats, embark on adventurous hikes across active volcanos, and immerse in centuries-old history in small groups. Meanwhile, Aqua Blu’s heritage as a celebrated former British Naval Explorer sets the stage for unforgettable adventures in one of the most striking parts of the world.

Straddling three time zones and two mighty oceans, the country of Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. With open sea making up three-quarters of the country’s area, and 18,000 tropical islands stretching over 3,100 miles (5,000 km) longitudinally from East to West and 1,050 miles (1,700 km) latitudinally from North to South, Indonesia is a prime location in Southeast Asia for cruise adventures.


With its immense size, Indonesia also boasts astounding cultural diversity, with 1,300 ethnic groups and 652 documented languages, of which 11 have disappeared and 19 on the verge of becoming extinct. Year-round, a vast number of festivals are celebrated across the country, from ancient war rituals to folkloric traditions unique to each region or community.




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Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences



Komodo National Park

Rising from the seas of East Indonesia where two continental plates collide, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park is a wonder of nature in every way imaginable. Ancient volcanic activity has created some of the most spectacular coastal terrain on Earth, with picture-perfect savannah hills, bays and beaches. The Park’s dramatic landscape also sets the perfect stage for stunning marine discoveries at some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world. 

Ambon & Spiced Islands

Setting sail from the rustic Indonesian port city of Ambon, Aqua Blu cruises south across the Banda Sea to the Spice Islands, a destination steeped in historical significance and endowed with both unspoilt nature and culture. 

Today, setting foot on the Spice Islands is like entering a spectacular living museum on Earth, where time appears to have stood still for decades and centuries-old relics, such as Fort Belgica, exist alongside rich Indonesian local traditions such as nutmeg cultivation and kora-kora war canoe racing.

Raja Ampat

Translated to mean “Four Kings”, Raja Ampat captivates with the enigmatic beauty of its limestone karst island clusters, spawned out of legendary myth and continuing to bewilder and enthral explorers with dramatic landscapes that shelter secret lagoons, bays and beaches. In between excursions to discover the world’s most biodiverse environments, Raja Ampat offers the chance to find that one perfect private hideaway out of thousands. To put it simply, every day is a National Geographic moment right before your eyes.

Asmat & New Guinea

Aqua Expeditions presents an exclusive voyage to West Papua – one of the most uncharted destinations in all of Indonesia, rarely visited on board New Guinea cruises. This expedition offers the rare opportunity to sail to the Asmat region, inhabited by its namesake indigenous tribe who are known for their rich cultural heritage.

Guests sail deep into the jungles of Asmat visiting traditional villages to gain an insight into local customs and rituals. Beyond this, the waters surrounding Momon and Triton Bay offer incredible snorkeling and diving sites to view sparkling coral reefs and rare marine life including whale sharks. 

Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences




Presenting a brand-new cruise experience in the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago, Aqua Blu is a long-range explorer yacht sailing the region’s most prized destinations, including Komodo National ParkSpice Islands and Raja Ampat 

Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences






Aqua Blu presents 15 individually-designed, sea-facing suites in 3 cabin categories with premium furnishing and fittings befitting of a luxury odyssey

Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences

Aqua Blu makes room for top-of-the line, non-motorised watersport equipment, with onboard kayaks, paddleboards, as well as snorkeling and diving gear

Aqua Blu - Aqua Expeditions - Indonesia - Nomade Unique Experiences

Led by highly-experienced crew and guides, guests embark on expeditions to explore de world's most biodiverse marine habitats, see rare native bird species and embrace centuries-old history and culture  



Each of the 15 individually-designed suites aboard the Aqua Blu is an oasis on the vast East Indonesian seas. Conceptualized with modern luxury and ultimate comfort in mind by renowned Dutch yacht designer Cor D. Rover, these private sanctuaries lend a luxurious sense of home to every journey on the Aqua Blu cruise ship.




Located in the Coral Triangle, The Ring of Fire, and along a fabled sea trade route, Eastern Indonesia combines earth's most biologically diverse marine region - featuring the best dive and snorkel sites in the world - with rare bird and animal species, remarkable landscapes and rich cultural heritage

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