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Designed as the perfect base from where to explore the desert, the Andes highlands and many surrounding natural areas. Through more than 40 explorations that can be completed hiking, by bike, by van, horseback riding or in our observatory, you’ll be able to discover the deepest mysteries of the desert: its contrasts, geography, the sky, wildlife and culture.

Ancient cultures and travelers from all over the world intermingle in this age-old town with dirt roads and adobe homes. In this starting point for an unforgettable trip you will discover the most stunning views on the planet amidst its endless beauty. Tour San Pedro de Atacama, the land of indigenous peoples!







In harmony with the surroundings and local traditions, Explora Atacama offers the discovery of the essence of nature and a philosophy of traveling that seeks to satisfy the desire of adventure in an intact universe. On foot, bicycle or horseback, our over 40 explorations immerse our travelers in the natural and cultural wealth of the Atacama Desert. The hotel’s 17 hectares are part of our conservation program, with which we aim to restore the areas historical and scientific values.


Their base is a hotel built for linking man to temporary space- present and past- and the mysteries of nature.  explora Atacama is located in the Ayllu de Larache (initially a kin-based community of the ancient Aymara people), near the village of San Pedro de Atacama.


Here, on special occasions, we get together with our guests for a traditional spit-roasted-lamb, beef and fish, as well as other local dishes – all accompanied by Andean music, song and dance performances by accomplished local artists.


San Pedro de Atacama boasts some of the world’s clearest skies and is, therefore, one of the best places to practice astronomy. In 2008 we inaugurated explora’s observatory, which has become one of the best private Chilean observatories. Its dome houses a potent and advanced optics telescope, the Meade 16” f/10 LX200R Advanced RD, and a main mirror of 40 cm in diameter with extraordinary resolution and sharpness.


explora Atacama has over 20 horses raised and trained at a renowned ranch in Central Chile that belongs to the Ibáñez family, the owners of explora. Each has been rigorously prepared for riders of all ages, levels of ability and experience. If you are a beginner, we offer special classes that will enable you to participate in the horseback exploration programs suitable for new riders.


Over 15 years ago, explora bought the Puritama Hot Springs, whose innovative architecture has gained critical acclaim.

8,000 hectares (approximately 19,770 acres) of land – a hot springs area currently in the process of being declared a nature reserve that represents a fundamental part of the Fundación explora.

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San Pedro de Atacama and its surrounding areas are one of Chile’s most enigmatic territories. The diversity of the landscape is one of the most popular attractions. Aware of this, we take our travelers to explore every corner. Just to mention a few experiences that explora Atacama propose, we ride horses through the red land plains and huge sand dunes, characteristic of one of the driest desert in the world, visit turquoise lagoons that are located over 4,000 meters (13,123 f.a.s.l.) in the highlands, walk through geysers, and follow green riverbeds in an area where water is a limited resource.

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We arrived there and had immediately a great time. We got the perfect recommendations for the following 4 days, it couldn’t have been better. We met a lot of interesting people in the hotel, the food was excellent

Our experience at Explora Atacama was exceptional from the moment they picked us up at the airport until they returned us 5 days later. All of the hotel staff including the guides are very friendly and helpful.

Everything about this resort is amazing - the hotel staff, the guides, the rooms, the common spaces, the pool, the food and pisco sours and last but not least, the excursions! Atacama is incredible. One of my favorite places on earth!

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