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The opening of the new lodge in El Chaltén will allow you to explore both sides of Patagonia in a single trip. We will explore the different geographies of Torres del Paine in Chile and El Chaltén in Argentina, allowing our travelers the chance to live a unique experience.

El Chaltén is located in the southern Andes, within the Los Glaciares National Park, in a valley where the De las Vueltas and Fitz Roy rivers meet. Chaltén or Fitz Roy hill is the predominant landscape figure.

Its name is due to the mythical mountain that stands out from the rest of the peaks that surround it. Chaltén is a term of the Aonikenk language with which the ancient Tehuelches named this mountain they considered sacred. Its meaning is a smoky mountain because that is the impression it gives when the clouds clump together with the wind at its top.







Located 17 kilometers from the town of El Chaltén, the Los Huemules private reserve is located, a reserve that has 5,800 hectares dedicated to the conservation of flora and fauna.

To reach the destination, El Calafate International Airport - Commander Armando Tola - is the closest, 220 kilometers from El Chaltén. The flights arrive mainly from Buenos Aires, with a non-stop flight time of approximately 3:30 hours.

A free pick up and drop off service will be offered to and from El Calafate airport. The trip by van takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to the hotel.


To travel is to spend time, to arrive and to live. Architecture is permanence, freedom and safety. explora actively introduces travelers to the great scenery of South America, through a well prepared exploration program. Our base is a hotel built for linking man to temporary space -present and past- and the mysteries of nature.


Our dishes have been designed to enable guests to perform various explorations and still feel light, agile, and healthy. Our dishes are always accompanied by a superb Chilean wine. We also carry a menu of Premium wines for those that would like to try other alternatives.


The hotel provides a full spa service for our travelers to refuel their energy after a day of exploration. We have hydromassages, sauna, and a massage room especially designed to enjoy the views of our unique locations.


Our bar offers different local spirits and is the place to share your daily experiences with other travelers, and to plan the next day’s explorations with our guides.


Our store carries all the items necessary for taking explorations, along with local artisanal goods and books of the area.

Rooms & Suites






We will develop explorations that will go beyond the classic attractions of the place, and we will deepen as never before in the knowledge of the natural environment that surrounds the region. You can admire the Fitz Roy from different angles, one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Walk on ice in the Cagliero glacier. Visit the Perito Moreno glacier. Los Huemules Reserve has more than 25 kilometers of demarcated trails for trekking, in addition inside are the Gorra Blanca and Marconi glaciers, having a direct access route through this last glacier to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the third-largest reserve of drinking water in the world after Antarctica and Greenland.We will have explorations with different levels of difficulty. Easy and difficult trekking, van explorations, ice hikes, and even rock climbing school.

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Rooms were well done, my son and I enjoyed the meals, the attentiveness of the staff, the open bar, and the planning. Went on many excursions - all covered in the one price as well - hiking, biking, snorkeling, city walks, monument tours, etc. The one thing missing from my perspective: a gym with some weights and machines... (I know... we were active every day, but I like to keep up my program even if I am active in other ways each day)All in all, a great time was had by all. The weather cooperated fully - with sun every day except the last 1/2 day when we wanted a break - and then it rained like crazy!

Explora is an all inclusive resort that provides top notch service, knowledgeable guides and a wonderful architectural setting. There are a number of explorations provided each day from which to choose. The explorations provide options on physical exertion. The dining is excellent with a tasty and varied menu from which to choose.

A dream come true! The best way to experience Easter Island is with Explora Rapa Nui! From the gourmet food, flowing drinks, lovely accommodations and best of all, incredible daily expeditions and knowledgeable guides, it's the most incredible and interesting way to see the sights, explore the island and learn about the culture and history. Highly recommend!!

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