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Designed as a headquarter from where to explore a remote and great destination: Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. All our programs include accommodations, transfers, meals and beverages, and a selection of more than 30 explorations developed by our outdoor team.

Our explorations take travelers through the colonial history of Cusco and the architectural magnificence of the Incas in Machu Picchu, isolated villages, archaeological sites such as Ollantaytambo, Moray, Chinchero and Pisac, to Andean pampas and mountains or Apus, considered by locals as guardians of people and nature.

Tucked under the tawny skirts of formidable foothills, the beautiful Río Urubamba Valley, known as El Valle Sagrado (the Sacred Valley), is about 15km north of Cuzco as the condor flies, via a narrow road of hairpin turns. It's worth exploring this peaceful, fetching corner of the Andes with attractive colonial towns and isolated weaving villages. Star attractions are the markets and the lofty Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, but it's also packed with other Inca sites. Its myriad trekking routes are deservedly gaining in popularity. Adrenaline activities range from rafting to rock climbing.




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Located in one of the Valley's remotest's haciendas, explora Valle Sagrado has views to the mountains that, some time ago, were part of the Inca Empire, and preserves pieces of history going back more than 400 years. The hotel is surrounded by Inca terraces and walls and our Pumacahua Bath House, where the hotel Spa is located, is a 17th-century colonial mansion that belonged to the Peruvian Independence hero.


explora Valle Sagrado is located in one of the region’s most remote ancient corn plantations close to the Urquillos village. It is designed in line with its surroundings, generating a dialogue with the high Andean mountains around the valley, as well as the surrounding plantations that are still today being harvested by townspeople.


Pumacahua Bath House is a colonial house from the seventeenth century located on one side of the hotel’s corn terraces. Rescued by our restoration and archeology team, it contains the hotel’ Spa where our guests enjoy massages, the swimming pool and saunas.


We have designed our meals so that our guests can always feel strong and yet lightweight in their different exploration activities.

Based on the luxury of our essentials, we offer authentic flavors using top quality ingredients.

Our policy is to get the best of all products. Our meals will always be matched by a good wine. We also have a premium wine list for those who want to taste alternatives.


Our shop offers all equipment required for explorations, as well as local crafts and books.

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Its unique geography, the Inca remains and the authenticity of the local people inspired us to create paths that will let you discover all its charms. With over 30 explorations, that can be completed either on foot, by van or bike, our travelers discover from traditional towns barely touched by the force of globalization to ancient ruins perfectly preserved from the passing of time, and lagoons at the foot of snow covered mountains.

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First class service and authentic above all. Personalized. Excursions outside the traditional circuits with first class guides. Maybe the visit to Machu Pichu is out of the scheme but it is understandable.

Beautiful I liked all your excursions especially the Machupuchu; and the history of the Sacred Valley. I thank God for this opportunity and Epson for taking me to such a beautiful place. Thank you all. regards

We spent a week in Explora Sacred Valley. It is an all-inclusive hotel, designed especially for hiking and biking in a different way. You arrive at a super beautiful ecological hotel, with wonderful views, without tv, with wi fi only in the restaurant areas and rooms. In the afternoons you meet with a guide and plan your trip the next day: if you want it cultural, nature, mixed, hard, soft, by car, bike, hiking ... half a day or whole day. It is a memorable experience
I felt in the most remote places and in the heart of Los Andes

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