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The hidden Wonders of Ambon and the Spice Islands

Uncovering Indonesia: beyond the shores of Bali

When it comes to Indonesia, Bali usually gets the spotlight, but there is a world of enchantment waiting beyond its shores. Discover the Ambon and Spice Islands, a captivating destination where history, nature and adventure converge to offer travelers an unparalleled experience.

A journey back in time

Embark on a journey back in time as you set foot on the Spice Islands, a historical treasure that has intrigued explorers for centuries. The attraction of valuable spices such as nutmeg, more valuable than gold at the time, drew legendary figures such as Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan. Later, under Dutch domination, which controlled the nutmeg trade, colonial structures and forts were built, some of which remain intact today, including the well-preserved Fort Belgica.

The region is like a living museum,

where time seems to have stood still. Travelers can enjoy centuries of history while exploring ancient forts, canyons and nutmeg plantations, all while experiencing rich local Indonesian traditions such as nutmeg cultivation and kora-kora canoe races.

Spice Islands: a sanctuary to nature and wildlife enthusiasts

In addition to its historical past, the Spice Islands offer stunning natural beauty. Its white sandy beaches in Molana and Pulau Run are perfect for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

Banda Neira, one of the most populated islands, features the active volcano Gunung Banda Api, which surprisingly has contributed to a revival of marine life thanks to its eruptions and lava flows.

Marine Wildlife - Aqua Blu
Spice Islands - Diving Paradise

The underwater reefs in the region are famous for their diversity and colors, hosting a variety of unique marine species, such as giant fan corals, mandarin fish, and Ambon scorpionfish. The Spice Islands are a paradise for birdwatchers and marine life enthusiasts. The region is part of the migratory route for many species of birds and marine mammals, offering unique opportunities to spot dolphins, orcas, and various whale species.

Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime?

Set sail aboard the Aqua Blu to unveil the treasures of the Coral Triangle, the first ever long-range ocean explorer yacht permanently based in East Indonesia. 15 individually designed suites and refined amenities are accompanied by innovative cuisine designed by consulting chef Benjamin Cross drawing inspiration from Indonesia’s fabled spice trade route. This luxurious vessel opens doors to the most treasured destinations, including the Spice Islands, on 7- and 12-night itineraries through the pristine Eastern Indonesian Archipelago. Aqua Blu promises to make your exploration as lavish and unforgettable as the destination itself.

To bear in mind:

  • Best Time to visit: October to March (the monsoon season runs opposite to most of the country)

  • Temperature in this season: 21 to 31 degrees Celsius

  • Water Temperature: 26 – 28℃

  • Water Visibility: 20 – 30 metres

  • How to get there: There are daily domestic flights to Ambon (AMQ) from Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Aqua Blu's fact sheet, itinerary and diving details & high res images here:

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