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OCIO Territorial Hotel Chiloé Architectural Aspects

OCIO Territorial Hotel is built entirely of native woods from southern Chile, designed for rest and relaxation, for a leisure time to be alone in the midst of nature, watching from above the Castro fjord and its city.

OCIO Territorial Hotel developed this project based on two main decisions:

The first: The project would be made of independent buildings, at the scale of the place, in order to achieve a low impact on the landscape and offer the user different ways of enjoying the hotel, within all of its geographic dimension.


Ocio Territorial

Chiloé, CHILE

Chiloé: A land of myths and legends, unique folklore and culinary traditions. Visiting Chiloé is like entering a magical world blessed in nature and culture. From the moment you first set foot on this extraordinary island, its singular identity will take you by surprise.

Ocio Territorial Hotel is located in the Peninsula of Rilán, in the middle of the Isla Grande de Chiloé.


Chiloé is a unique place in the world for its cultural heritage, its local identity, its people, its architecture and its geographical beauty. All this motivated Cristian and Yasna (owners) in 2004 to make a promise to Sandalio and Orfelinda, who were the original owners of the rural property of 20 hectares where the hotel is now located.


This promise was to protect the land, the culture and to always speak with future generations about the traditional uses of Chiloé and ways of living off the land. From that moment we started a process of restoration of the traditional and original house and the stove, as well as the paths used by the sheep to reach the natural springs, the forest and the sea. That's where our dream began. We started to build three suites where the land allowed us to build. We always had a sustainable vision of not interfering with nature and not competing with it either. We understood that nature gave us permission to build on the earth. 

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